Haskell Weekly


Issue 1 2016-05-05

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  • GHC 8.0.1 RC4 released

    If no major issues pop up we expect that this will be the last release candidate before the final release, which we hope to push out in the coming weeks.

  • Stack 1.1 released

    GPG signing of packages while uploading to Hackage is now the default.

  • Cabal 1.24 released

    Nix-style local builds in cabal-install (so far only a technical preview).

  • Haskell Language 2020 committee formed

    The goal of the Haskell Language committee together with the Core Libraries Committee is to work towards a new Haskell 2020 Language Report.

  • Haskell Sucks!

    People have a tendency to over-complicate things, then they reward themselves for solving difficult problems rather than avoiding them.

  • Resolving cyclic module dependencies

    Use {-# SOURCE #-} pragmas to break the circular dependency.

  • Are side effects everything that cannot be found in a pure function?

    A pure function always returns the same result and does not modify the environment. An impure function can return different results when it is executed repeatedly.

  • ML modules vs. Haskell type classes

    There is no system built into Haskell’s type class system which allows you to choose between multiple instances. Instead you have to jump through hoops by wrapping and unwrapping them in skeleton types.