Haskell Weekly


Issue 14 2016-08-04

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  • A founder’s perspective on 4 years with Haskell

    The Better platform gets around half a million learning actions every week and it has been running for well over a year with no downtime or maintenance. We still don’t know of any bugs.

  • I released a Haskell product!

    What I’ve found when working with Haskell relative to Ruby is I have a much higher level of confidence in the system even without writing any tests.

  • First-class sums and products

    This library provides first-class multi-arity product- and sum-types and neat type-level utilities for their composition.

  • ghc-mod Supporting GHC 8.0 and Cabal 1.24

    ghc-mod is both a back-end program for enhancing editors and other development environments with support for Haskell as well as a library for abstracting the black magic incantations required to use the GHC API in various environments

  • SML for Haskellers

    SML is really limited to the areas of the Haskell type system you’d be accustomed to after reading Learn You A Haskell!

  • Type level unit tests

    The compiler only states what doesn’t work, this is about what does work.