Haskell Weekly


Issue 17 2016-08-25

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  • Mustache templates in Haskell

    Mustache templates are popular logic-less templates that can be used in web development as well as in any other domain where interpolation of data into some sort of template is needed.

  • Making Movie Monad

    Using only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can use Electron to develop a desktop application. The nice part about Movie Monad, however, is that we will create the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using Haskell.

  • Lens and Linear: 2048’s logic in 22 lines

    It is actually a problem that can be solved elegantly in Haskell using a few Isos and Traversals. We’ll use the linear library for representing the data and the lens library for accessing it.

  • TechEmpower Benchmarks

    Rather than wait for the official results, I ran the benchmarks with a handful of frameworks on a dedicated server. The results are, I think, enough to put these concerns to rest.

  • dbrecord-opaleye

    dbrecord-opaleye is a haskell library that automatically takes care of changing the shape of your model depending on the operation (projection, aggregation, left join).

  • Bookkeeper

    If we keep all of the field-to-type mappings at the type-level representation of a datatype, we can use that to not have to write IsLabel instances manually. As an added bonus, we’ll get anonymous records!

  • Pitfalls in Haskell

    This text demonstrates the difficulties people often face when learning Haskell. It is perhaps biased by my own experiences, so it may emphasize things that C and Scheme have taught me. Those would be paranoia and flexibility.