Haskell Weekly


Issue 18 2016-09-01

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  • cabal new-build is a package manager

    An old article I occasionally see cited today is Repeat after me: “Cabal is not a Package Manager”. Many of the complaints don’t apply to cabal-install 1.24’s new Nix-style local builds.

  • hindent 5: One style to rule them all

    But once the JohanTibell style in hindent was quite stable, I found that I didn’t mind using it while collaborating with people who prefer that style.

  • Shareable APIs and more

    If you are already using the same language, I think calling an endpoint from the frontend should rather feel just like a type-safe function call. And that’s what “shareable” API definitions try to solve.

  • Retrospective: Haskell in Production

    Haskell might be “the closest thing to a secret weapon” when building server-side software, writes Better co-founder Carl Baatz, summarizing their four-year journey using Haskell in production.

  • Announcing containers

    There are plenty of brand-new functions [and] several key map, set, and sequence functions have sped up considerably.

  • haskell.org and the Evil Cabal

    The haskell.org committee has consistently engaged in tactics which silence the voices of all non-members, and stacks the committee to prevent dissenting opinions from joining.

  • Resignation

    Edward Kmett: “I’m officially resigning from the haskell.org committee effective immediately after the end of the Summer of Haskell.”