Haskell Weekly


Issue 19 2016-09-08

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  • The Base of a String Theory for Haskell

    Backpack solves these problems, by allowing you to parametrize over a signature rather than a concrete implementation of a string type, and instantiate such an indefinite library whenever you want.

  • The Hashrocket websocket shootout in Haskell

    The idea is to test how many concurrent clients a single websocket server can serve and how efficiently it can broadcast messages to all the clients.

  • Programming in Haskell: 2nd Edition

    This book is based on the author’s experience of teaching Haskell for more than twenty years. All concepts are explained from first principles and no programming experience is required, making this book accessible to a broad spectrum of readers.

  • Haskell eXchange, Hackathon, and Courses

    In October 2016, we are co-organizing various events in London. Now is the time to register for: the Haskell eXchange, a two-day three-track conference with a large number of Haskell-related talks and workshops on a wide variety of topics, including keynotes by Simon Peyton Jones, Don Stewart, Conor McBride and Graham Hutton.

  • Learn You an Elm

    I decided to write this because Learn You A Haskell is now a common resource for learning functional programming. But, Elm is developing into its own language, and has some significant technical and philosophical differences from Haskell. So, instead of throwing away the great resource that is LYAH, we’ve decided to adapt it.

  • Learning Haskell as a Category theorist

    The way Haskell uses the words Functor and Monad don’t correspond to how I know them and furthermore, the explanations given often leave me even more confused because they are aimed at a different audience.