Haskell Weekly


Issue 2 2016-05-12

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  • Add files to GitHub releases

    A walkthrough for adding Haskell binaries to GitHub releases via Travis CI. Because “where’s the fun in using a Go program to deploy a Haskell program”?

  • GHC, Cabal, Stack, and Yesod on a Raspberry Pi

    Candid, step-by-step instructions for setting up Haskell, Cabal, Stack, and Yesod on a Raspberry Pi to help you avoid “a flaming car crash”.

  • What do you think is easier in Haskell than it should be?

    A community exploration into the things that should be harder to do than they are. “For example, error is used to many times in the Prelude instead of Maybe, making it too easy to get unchecked exceptions.”

  • Easy Native GUIs in Haskell, Today!

    Making a native GUI in Haskell doesn’t have to be hard, thanks to the thoughtful design of the FLTK bindings. “Static typing is pretty sweet kool aid.”

  • GHC Development: OutsideIn

    An outsider’s perspective on contributing to the de facto standard Haskell compiler. “I think GHC is slightly dysfunctional as an open source project”

  • Stack Security GnuPG Keys

    Stack can now sign package uploads to Hackage with GPG keys. “Now that we have our online secret keys ready, we can sign our Hackage-bound packages with Stack.”

  • A Farewell to FRP

    Elm, a Haskell-like language for the web front end, ditches FRP in favor of subscriptions and commands. “Elm does more than ever, but is also simpler than ever”

  • Are monad laws enforced in Haskell?

    Does the compiled actually check the laws listed in type class documentation? “The monad laws are not enforced by the language.”