Haskell Weekly


Issue 20 2016-09-15

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  • Into the Core: Squeezing Haskell into Nine Constructors by Simon Peyton Jones

    GHC translates all of Haskell into a tiny but super-expressive intermediate language called Core, does a lot of optimizations on Core, and then generates executable code. Core is statically typed, making GHC one of the very few production compilers that is statically typed all the way through to code generation.

  • Stackage LTS 7 is released

    The Stackage curator team is pleased to announce the initial release of Stackage LTS 7 for ghc-8.0.1. Released over 3.5 months after LTS 6.0, the biggest change introduced with LTS 7.0 is the move from ghc-7.10.3 to ghc-8.0.1.

  • Working with data in Haskell

    In this post we’ve demonstrated: (1) Concisely handling a chain of problems smoothly like a bash script. (2) Done all the above in constant memory usage. (3) Done so with a type-safe parser, specifying our types statically, but without having to declare or name any record type ahead of time.

  • Foundation

    A new hope. Foundation is a new library that tries to define a new modern Haskell framework. It is also trying to be more than a library: A common place for the community to improve things and define new things. It started as a thought experiment: What would a modern Haskell base looks like if I could start from scratch ?

  • (De)constructing the Front End

    In this post I will look at the ideas behind programming user interfaces and present a method for building them in a pure functional setting.

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