Haskell Weekly


Issue 25 2016-10-20

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  • A new ecosystem for Haskell: the JVM

    With jvm, you can call any method known to the JVM from Haskell. With inline-java, you can moreover call these methods in Java syntax, embedded in your source files.

  • HyperHaskell: the strongly hyped Haskell interpreter

    HyperHaskell is a graphical Haskell interpreter (REPL), not unlike GHCi, but hopefully more awesome. You use worksheets to enter expressions and evaluate them. Results are displayed using HTML.

  • servant-template: production-ready Haskell web services in 5 minutes

    The cookiecutter template creates a simple Haskell web API service that does all of these things: logging with logging-effect, monitoring with Prometheus, continuous integration with CircleCI, tests with Tasty, deployment by building a Docker image, and command-line parsing with optparse-applicative.

  • A toy Wolfram Language interpreter in Haskell

    Inspired by the book Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours, I decide to write myself a simple Wolfram Language-like interpreter to learn more about Haskell as well as achieve a deeper understanding about Wolfram Language.

  • Building a Lisp->JS transpiler From Scratch in 350 LOC

    In this article we will look at an implementation of a transpiler from a simple LISP-like calculator language to JavaScript from scratch.

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