Haskell Weekly


Issue 27 2016-11-03

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  • Learn me a Haskell

    Let’s see how an OOP developer handles an initial exposure to functional programming with Haskell.

  • Powerline-hs

    Powerline-hs is a Powerline clone written in Haskell. It is significantly faster than the original implementation, and makes the shell noticeably more responsive.

  • Using Haskell to find unused Spring MVC code

    It is actually quite simple to find unused Java code. In essence I’m reading all the .java files in a folder, building an AST using language-java and then traversing the AST to collect information that can later be used to decide if a file is used or not.

  • Haskell div mod visualised

    When I first came to integer division and the modulus operation in Haskell, I was thrown a bit of a curve ball. While Haskell does have two forms of integer division, one of those is a lot different from how I was used to thinking about integer division in other languages like Java and Scala.

  • Call for participation: BayHac 2017 survey

    BayHac is a Haskell hackathon weekend event for the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. It will be a weekend of learning, hacking, and connecting with fellow Haskell enthusiasts.

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