Haskell Weekly


Issue 29 2016-11-17

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  • Parse and generate Rocket League replays with Haskell

    I am happy to announce version 1.0.0 of Rattletrap, a Rocket League replay parser and generator! It is a command-line utility for converting replays to and from JSON.

  • Hue Dashboard

    Hue Dashboard is a web application for comfortably controlling Philips Hue lights from any device with a browser. The server for Hue Dashboard needs to live somewhere, and a small ARM machine is an obvious choice if you don’t already have a PC running 24/7 in your home.

  • Network.HTTP.Req

    This is an easy-to-use, type-safe, expandable, high-level HTTP library that just works without any fooling around.

  • Eta FAQ

    Eta is a dialect of Haskell that aims to bring the benefits of Haskell to the JVM, while supporting the vast majority of GHC extensions so that packages on Hackage can be used with little modification.

  • Haskell’s Missing Concurrency Basics

    I want to discuss two limitations in standard Haskell libraries around concurrency, and discuss methods of improving the status quo. Overall, Haskell’s concurrency story is the best in class versus any other language I’m aware of.

  • The perfect bug report: Debugging with Elm 0.18

    In debug mode, Elm lets you import and export the exact sequence of events from a program. You get all the information necessary to reproduce the session exactly, from mouse clicks to HTTP requests.

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