Haskell Weekly


Issue 44 2017-03-02

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Welcome to Haskell Weekly! Haskell is an advanced, purely functional programming language. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community. You can subscribe to the email newsletter or the Atom feed.

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News from the Haskell community

  • How we secretly introduced Haskell and got away with it

    We are able to refactor without fear. We have been experimenting with adding some new features to the job assignment algorithm recently, and the procedure of extending it is rather mechanical: extend the types to reflect information you need, fix all type errors, write a test, and change code until the tests are green.

  • Summer of Haskell 2017

    We are sorry to announce that this year Haskell.org was not accepted for the 2017 Google Summer of Code. But, as last year, we plan to organize our own Summer of Haskell!

  • Lessons learned porting a game from PureScript to Elm

    You can see a pattern here: Elm strives to be total and prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot in any way, while PureScript gives you more freedom, but you have to understand the consequences of what you’re doing.

  • The joy of Haskell

    We’ve spent a few months figuring out what book we, as Haskell users, want to see. The Joy of Haskell is a work in progress, the culmination of those discussions, the kind of book we want to help us write better, happier Haskell.

  • The typed-process library

    In October of last year, I published a new library: typed-process. It builds on top of the veritable process package, and provides an alternative API. After I got sufficiently fed up with limitations in the existing API, I decided to take a crack at doing it all from scratch.

  • On games and simulations

    It seems that the architectural choice (of writing the core of the application in Haskell/Frege and use only Java for interactivity and visualization) is a good one, for several reasons.

  • How do you guys get anything done?

    I readily concede that maybe it gets better but some of these things I can’t see ever getting better. I’m seriously considering rewriting this entire codebase in Go and I’m here for some words of encouragement.

Package of the week

This week’s package of the week is cabal-macosx, a tool for providing Cabal support for creating macOS application bundles.

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