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Issue 89 2018-01-11

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.

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  • New things in Haskell package QA

    During the last month I have been working (not alone) on few Haskell package QA related tools: cabal-plan, multi-ghc-travis & trustee. In this posts I’ll show what’s new!

  • New patterns in Tasty

    When I wrote Tasty in 2013, I borrowed the pattern language and its implementation from test-framework. I wasn’t fond of that pattern language, but it did the job most of the time, and the task of coming up with a better alternative was daunting.

  • What is new in cross compiling Haskell

    In December I was finally able to provide new GHC cross compiler binary distribution for iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi from macOS Sierra and Linux.

  • Using a development version of GHC with Nix

    In this post we look at combining modifications from different sources. The goal is to create a package set which can be used to compile packages with HEAD.

  • A generative approach to simulating watercolor paints from scratch

    In my seven years of programming I have had the most fun in the past few months after discovering generative art. Hopefully you’ll see in this guide how fun it can be getting interesting images to look at as a reward for every little challenge you take on.

  • Introduction to singletons: Part 2

    Welcome back to our journey through the singleton design pattern and the great singletons library! This post is a direct continuation of part 1, so be sure to check that out first if you haven’t already!

  • People of programming languages: Interview with Simon Peyton-Jones

    We talk about seeing functional programming go from intellectual revolution to practical reality and the importance of investing in programming education.

  • Papers I read and loved in 2017

    I spent 2017 as a research intern working at the systems group, ETH Zurich. I worked on Polly, a loop optimizer for LLVM, so this had me read a bunch of compiler related papers.

  • The state comonad

    Is State a Comonad? Not Costate or rather, Store as we tend to call it today, but actually State s itself? Let’s see!

  • radixtree: A prefix-tree parsing library for Haskell

    This is just a brief post about radixtree, which is a library that produces radix trees from text values and provides a generic parser suitable for use with Attoparsec, Trifecta, or Parsec.


  • IOHK seeking Haskell infrastructure wrangler in Scotland

    There are many Haskell infrastructure tools used by academics and in industry, including compilers, debuggers, profilers, packagers, and documentation tools. We are looking to fill a post devoted to improving Haskell infrastructure.

In brief

Package of the week

This week’s package of the week is Movie Monad, a free and simple to use video player.

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