Haskell Weekly

Issue 35

This is the last issue of 2016. Looking back on the year, these are the most-clicked links of 2016.

  1. Why Haskell sucks
  2. Haskell sucks!
  3. New haskell-lang.org
  4. Powerline-hs
  5. HyperHaskell: the strongly hyped Haskell interpreter
  6. Good way to convert between ad-hoc polymorphic functions and parametric polymorphic ones
  7. The unreasonable effectiveness of reasoning: eliminating bottom
  8. Modern function programming: part 2
  9. Thoughts on Haskell
  10. ML modules versus Haskell type classes

Many other people reflected on 2016 in Haskell this year. And the next version of GHC is closer to release!

Thanks for reading, and have a great new year! Let us know on Twitter if you liked this issue. Open an issue on GitHub if you think it could be better.