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Issue 176 2019-09-12

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • Composite 0.6 Released by Dan Fithian

    I recently released version 0.6 of the composite library on GitHub! It’s been a few years since the last release, so the code had stagnated quite a bit.

  • GraphQL Haskell got a new maintainer by Eugene Wissner

    Some years ago there was an unfinished GraphQL implementation. The project was on hold for the last few years. Recently I took over the maintenance to continue the development.

  • Processing CSV files in Haskell by Eric Torreborre

    I wanted to check how hard it would be to use Haskell to write a small program to help me solve a “real-life” problem. I have always been pretty bad at doing accounting for the family, with a mix of Excel spreadsheets filled with random amounts and dates.

  • Demystifying MonadBaseControl by Alexis King

    In this blog post, I hope to provide a complete survey of MonadBaseControl — how it works, how it’s designed, and how it can go wrong — in a way that is accessible to anyone with a firm grasp of monads and monad transformers.

  • GSoC 2019 - Final Evaluation by Rashad Gover

    As we approach the beginning the Fall, my journey as a Google Summer of Code student for Haskell.Org sadly comes to an end.

  • Five Ways to Compute the Cartesian Product with Haskell by Andrew Ribeiro

    This post contains five Haskell functions which compute the cartesian product using different techniques.

  • The easiest way to setup a Haskell environment on Windows by Tamar Christina

    Chocolatey contains some of my own packages for installing GHC and cabal. The GHC package goes all the way back to GHC 6.10.1 and the cabal-install package to cabal-install 0.6.0.

  • Remote Interactive Courses by Christine Gundry and Andres Löh

    Given the success of introducing an online version of our “Type level programming with GHC” course, we’re offering this again alongside two of our other courses: “Compact Introduction to Haskell” and “Performance and Optimisation”.

  • Why Haskell is important by Mark Karpov

    People keep asking me, “What’s the point of Haskell, why do you folks even use it?”. How can you answer this?

  • Haskell IDE Support (hie-core lsp Sept. 2019) by Chris Penner

    Here’s a super quick guide on adding hie-core to your workflow!


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