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Issue 187 2019-11-28

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • Convolutional Neural Networks Tutorial by Bogdan Penkovsky

    Convolutional neural network is one of the most important deep learning architectures, it was even called the “master algorithm” in computer vision. To gain better understanding of the algorithm, today we are going to implement convolutional neural networks in Haskell on top of massiv, multi-dimensional arrays library.

  • Automatic Testing of Haskell Projects with Travis CI by George Wilson

    Every time you push a commit, a free service called Travis CI will compile your code and run any test suites you have.

  • Faster Winter 7: The Zipper by Joachim Breitner

    The last bit of performance could be considered a domain-specific optimization, as one might describe it as “introducing a control stack to the interpreter”.

  • The Haskell Development Environment by Levi Notik

    The three components we’ll be discussing are the Glasgow Haskell Compiler, otherwise known as GHC, Cabal, and Stack.

  • Keeping Compilation Fast by Matt Parsons

    You’re a Haskell programmer, which means you complain about compilation times.

  • A list of Haskell articles on good design, good testing by William Yao

    I’ve put together a list of community blog posts and articles on the theme of building more correct programs.

  • Low-Tech AST Extensibility with Extension Patterns by Sandy Maguire

    Today I want to share a common pattern I’ve been using for extending AST-like data structures that I don’t own.

  • Moments in time by Type Classes

    Here we demonstrate getting the current time, comparing two moments in time, and converting between a few different timestamp representations.

  • Nix recipes for Haskellers by Sridhar Ratnakumar

    The goal of this article is to get you comfortable managing simple Haskell programs and projects using the Nix package manager without going too much into the details.

  • Table of Contents in Hakyll by Vaclav Svejcar

    In this blog post, I’ll demonstrate how to implement simple table of contents for blog posts, that can be easily customized to your specific needs.


  • BazQux Reader — your friend for reading feeds (ad)

    Try fine RSS feed reader written in Haskell and Ur/Web. Read blogs, Twitter, Facebook pages and Telegram channels in one place. Enjoy good typography. Search, filter, bookmark and share. Make your own algorithm free feed and support independent Haskell developer by purchasing a subscription.


  • Interos is Hiring Full Stack Haskell Software Engineers (ad)

    At Interos, we are disrupting the way Fortune 500 companies and government agencies identify and respond to risk within their supply chains. We deliver the data and insights to business leaders that help them identify, visualize and understand the ripple effects that could impact their supply chains, before they happen. Recently funded by Kleiner Perkins and pivoting to an automated solution, Interos is in essence, a start-up SaaS environment.

  • Digital Asset looking for experienced Haskellers for the Language Team in NYC (ad)

    Digital Asset is a leading provider of distributed ledger technology (DLT) that solves real-world business challenges. We combine deep industry expertise with scalable technology, including a DLT platform and an intuitive smart contract language originally developed by Digital Asset, called DAML.

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In brief

Package of the week

This week’s package of the week is advent-of-code-api, a library that imlpements Haskell bindings for the Advent of Code REST API.

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