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Issue 199 2020-02-20

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • What I wish I knew when learning Haskell Version 2.5 by Stephen Diehl

    This is a guide for working software engineers who have an interest in Haskell but don’t know Haskell yet.

  • Porting to Rio by Colin Woodbury

    If your Haskell program runs from the terminal and has a runtime environment type, then Rio would bring you a lot of value.

  • Property testing in depth: genvalidity-criterion and genvalidity-* performance improvements by Tom Sydney Kerckhove

    The genvalidity library and its companion libraries have recently gotten some nice random distribution and performance upgrades.

  • Competitive Programming in Haskell: modular arithmetic, part 1 by Brent Yorgey

    Modular arithmetic comes up a lot in computer science, and so it’s no surprise that it is featured, either explicitly or implicitly, in many competitive programming problems.

  • Implementation status of QUIC in Haskell by Kazu Yamamoto

    If you wonder why I’m using Haskell to implement network protocols, please give a look at my position paper for NetPL 2017. In short, I love its strong and rich type system and concurrency based on lightweight threads (green threads).

  • Replace Random by Dominic Steinitz

    Following a great blog post by @lehins, a group of us are trying to improve the situation with the random library.

  • Typing TABA by Donnacha Oisín Kidney

    There’s an excellent talk by Kenneth Foner at Compose from 2016 which goes through a paper by Danvy and Goldberg (2005) called “There and Back Again” (or TABA).

  • On linear types and exceptions by Arnaud Spiwack

    How can linear types, which require that values be used exactly once, accommodate exceptions, which interrupt my computation?


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