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Issue 202 2020-03-12

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • Monadic Party Speakers and Workshops released! by Monadic Party

    We have selected speakers for this year’s edition of Monadic Party, a four day, three track summer school of Haskell. Join us this year for workshops at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. See the recordings from our previous two editions on our Youtube Channel.

  • Bringing your Haskell types to Reason by Stack Builders

    One of the challenges that we face in web development is that we are often writing the backend and the frontend in different languages and type systems. To build reliable applications, we need a way to connect both. We can build a bridge that helps us to traverse safely between the backend and the frontend with a code generation tool that allows us to use the same types on both sides of the application. This article is based on the talk presented in Compose Conference NYC 2019

  • Effectful Property Testing by Matt Parsons

    At work, we have a lot of complex SQL queries written both in esqueleto and in raw SQL. We’ve decided we want to increase our software quality by writing tests against our database code.

  • Get base onto stackage.org by Alexey Kuleshevich

    If you carefully inspect the table of core packages and try to match to available versions on Hackage for those libraries, you will quickly notice that a few of them are missing.

  • Ghc Tags Plugin by Marcin Szamotulski

    Existing solutions like hasktags do not cover all the new language features, so at times one is left is searching the tree by hand.

  • Haskell with UTF-8 by Kirill Elagin

    This is to announce that we have published a new Haskell library called with-utf8 and we hope that it will help solve this kind of problems once and for all.

  • Tracking Changes to Base by Colin Woodbury

    This post is a reference for library authors to easily track how base evolves, and how to deal with its changes.

  • Whole STG program compiler (status report) by Csaba Hruska

    In the previous months I worked on the whole STG program compilation pipeline implementation.


  • Interos is Hiring Full Stack Haskell Software Engineers (ad)

    At Interos, we are disrupting the way Fortune 500 companies and government agencies identify and respond to risk within their supply chains. We deliver the data and insights to business leaders that help them identify, visualize and understand the ripple effects that could impact their supply chains, before they happen. Recently funded by Kleiner Perkins and pivoting to an automated solution, Interos is in essence, a start-up SaaS environment.

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In brief

Show & tell

  • holmes by Tom Harding

    A library for computing constraint-solving problems.

  • mallRL by Nikolas Mählmann

    A grocery shopping roguelike developed for the 7drl game jam.

  • ooh by Compl Yue

    I never imagined object oriented stylish program can be written in Haskell in such a way so straight forward!

  • org-mode, org-mode-lucid, and skylighting-lucid by Colin Woodbury

    Together these can be used to write articles in Emacs’ Org Mode, inject that content into a Lucid Html () structure, and get nice syntax highlighting for your code samples.

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