Haskell Weekly


Issue 204 2020-03-26

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • GHC 8.10.1 released by Ben Gamari

    The GHC team is happy to announce the availability of GHC 8.10.1.

  • Building a web app with functional programming - Haskell - part I by Iori Matsuhara

    This post talks about my feedback with Haskell on this project and whether I consider it production ready.

  • Built with Hakyll – Part 02: Custom Fields by Yannik Sander

    While setting up the structure of this blog I found the “need” of having some more fields available though. This is how I started to adapt some implementations I found on the internet, and developed my own.

  • Blaze: Lightweight Html Generation by Monday Morning Haskell

    In the next couple weeks, we’ll consider two simple libraries we can use to generate HTML code. This week, we’ll look at the Blaze HTML library.

  • Cheatsheet: Option (in Rust) vs Maybe (in Haskell) by Ivan Veselov

    This is meant to be for people coming from Haskell to Rust or vice versa who want to quickly find the name of corresponding function on optional values.

  • Haskell IDE 2020 by Sami Badawi

    I spent some time getting a working Haskell environment on OS X.

  • The problem with adding functions to compact regions by Ömer Sinan Ağacan

    The question why functions cannot be added to compact regions often comes up in GHC’s IRC channel, and because I don’t work on or with compact regions, every time I see the question I try to remember the reason for why functions can’t be moved to a compact region, often coming up with incorrect answers on the way.

  • Setting up Ghcide in Ubuntu with Nixpkgs by Gabriel Volpe

    This is the reason why I am writing this blog post. Aim at those who use Nixpkgs like me, in a different distro other than NixOS.

  • Zipping Trees, Part 1 by Joseph Morag

    This problem has you perform various incremental operations on a rose tree, such as inserting and deleting nodes and visiting adjacent nodes in the tree.


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In brief

  • Your First Haskell Web App With WAI And Warp by Michael Snoyman

    In this tutorial, we’re going to step through building a functioning web server using just the bare-bones WAI interface and Warp as a server.

  • Haskell search questionnaire

    The following questionnaire contains questions about how you usually work when developing Haskell code, specifically how and when you search for library functions or code snippets.

Show & tell

  • autopack by Kowainik

    Custom Setup to automate package modules discovery.

Call for participation