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Issue 224 2020-08-13

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • GHC 8.10.2 released by Ben Gamari

    The GHC team is happy to announce the availability of GHC 8.10.2.

  • Cross wolf, goat and cabbage across the river with effects by Murat Kasimov

    In this blogpost we will try to find generalized solution for such puzzles with algebraic effects.

  • Definitional lawfulness: proof by inspection testing by Li-yao Xia

    Can we prove Monad instances lawful using inspection-testing?

  • Dressing Up Haskell by Alejandro Serrano

    Hence this experiment: Haskell In New Clothes (hinc for short); reimagining Haskell with a syntax inspired in modern JavaScript (or should I say ECMAScript?).

  • Functional Dependencies by Michael Snoyman

    Functional dependencies (aka fundeps) are a language extension. It builds on top of multi param type classes, and provides the basis for many common libraries.

  • Generic Haskell by Jonathan Dowland

    When I did the work described earlier in template haskell, I also explored generic programming in Haskell to solve a particular problem.

  • GHC activities report: June–July 2020 by Well-Typed

    Starting immediately, we will try to provide monthly updates on the work we have been doing. In this first edition, we will cover roughly two months, June and July 2020.

  • Hamler 0.2 - OTP Behaviours with Type Classes by EMQ

    We are proud to announce that Hamler 0.2 has been released. Hamler is a strongly-typed functional programming language running on Erlang VM.

  • A Quick Review Of A Pure Functional Serverless Application Deployed To Production by Susan Potter

    Last week I deployed my second “serverless app” to production. Being fairly new to deploying serverless applications at scale I was concerned about the costs.

  • Read You A Blaze by Guru Devanla

    In this series we will learn to create a toy version blaze-html library. After reading this article, the reader should be able to easily read through the blaze-markup and blaze-html libraries.

  • Revisiting application structure by Felix Mulder

    In this post, we’re going to review the ReaderT pattern we used, as well as go through its shortcomings and our chosen solution to it.

  • Testing Coverage of Template Haskell functions by Brandon Chinn

    I wanted to measure coverage with stack test --coverage. The problem is that quasiquoters run and are spliced at compile-time.


  • Interos is Hiring Full Stack Haskell Software Engineers (ad)

    At Interos, we are disrupting the way Fortune 500 companies and government agencies identify and respond to risk within their supply chains. We deliver the data and insights to business leaders that help them identify, visualize and understand the ripple effects that could impact their supply chains, before they happen. Recently funded by Kleiner Perkins and pivoting to an automated solution, Interos is in essence, a start-up SaaS environment.

  • Novadiscovery is looking for a backend Haskell developer (ad)

    At Nova we use Haskell to create and simulate mechanistic models of diseases and treatments like cellular pathways, the immune system or tumor growth among others. We are currently building Jinko, a SaaS platform, and are looking for developers passionate about Science and coding to join us.

  • Haskell Developer at Coinberry

  • Haskell Developer at Typeable

Trying to hire a Haskell developer? You should advertise with us!

In brief

Show & tell

  • summer by Samuel Schlesinger

    This is a very small package, providing basic support for extensible sums and products.

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