Haskell Weekly


Issue 251 2021-02-18

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • Writing AWS Lambdas in Haskell

    I wrote a script which allows a collection of Haskell lambdas using the hal runtime to be deployed by CDK.

  • Production Webservers and Concurrent Requests by Jake Keuhlen

    In this case, it’s important to realize that, more often than not, we run our code on linux systems that have their own resource constraints and default limits.

  • Functorio by Bartosz Milewski

    I’m going to show you that real engineering is functional, and I’m going to illustrate it using a computer game that is designed by engineers for engineers.

  • Haskell Database Implementation - Part 1, Growing a Tree by Dan Fithian

    In 2020 I set out to correct some of the gaps in my knowledge, and one of the ways I did so was by writing my own database, in Haskell, from scratch.

  • Haskell is vulnerable to dependency confusion by Fraser Tweedale

    In this post, I demonstrate that critical parts of the Haskell package management system are vulnerable to the dependency confusion supply chain attack.

  • Is Alternative a Wrong Abstraction for Handling Failures? by Robert Peszek

    Alternative instances are also known for producing confusing errors. In this post, we do a deep dive into the alternative thinking only about the errors.

  • Masking Asynchronous Exceptions by Marcin Szamotulski

    The base library explains asynchronous exceptions and masking quite well, but still this is one of the topics that is often misunderstood.

  • Reanimate 02 - Coordinate systems and Scene by Sascha Bubeck

    In this part of the reanimate blog post series we will improve the shape of the star using coordinate transformations and learn to move the star using Scene and Var.

  • Reflections On Using Haskell For My Startup by Alistair Burrowes

    Almost exactly one year ago I quit my job to create a Haskell startup as a solo developer.

  • We Made ChatWisely With Haskell by Michael Litchard

    We thought other Haskellers might like to hear about what we’re doing and how we use Haskell to do it.


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In brief

Show & tell

  • Patternr

    Experiment with pattern matching.

  • bytestring version by Andrew Lelechenko

    On behalf of maintainers I’m happy to announce that bytestring- is finally released.

  • SBV version 8.10 by Levent Erkok

    A new version of SBV (v8.10) is now available on Hackage.

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