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Issue 297 2022-01-06

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • What skills will give you an edge in 2022? (ad)

    Take the Developer Nation survey and share your views about the most important coding skills, tools, and platforms for 2022. You will get a virtual goody bag with free resources, plus a chance to win an iPhone 13, a Nintendo Switch, licenses, Amazon vouchers and more.

  • Databass, Part 2: Inserting into the database by Joseph Morag

    Welcome to Databass, Part 2, even more bass. In part 1, we defined a query GADT and runQuery function. Here, we’ll figure out how to materialize relations and tuples in memory.

  • A Christmas Story by Moritz Angermann

    The following is a story about me, stumbling around ghc, fileformats, libc’s, linking and debuggers and overcoming challenges and finding bugs, trying to get the bare minmum of an iOS and Android toolchain to work for compiling Haskell code into libraries to be used on aarch64 mobile devices.

  • Scoped effect resources for Polysemy by Torsten Schmits

    For some kinds of effects, it can be hard to design an expressive interface due to the semantics of their primitive resources. One instance of those are resources whose lifetime is scoped to a small part of a program (called a region in this post), like a database connection.


  • Junior Haskell Engineer at ACI Learning

    Are you looking for an entry level job where you can learn the basics of software engineering and functional programming? Then come join our small but talented team to help us develop the back end API services that support our on demand video training platform. We’ll teach you everything you need to know!

  • Haskell Developer at MLabs (ad)

    We are one of the leading Haskell consultancies in the fintech, blockchain and AI space, with a passion for Haskell and open source software. We are looking for a remote Haskeller to join our team. If you are excited about Haskell and are up for a new challenge, please apply here or visit our website! For any questions please email jobs@mlabs.city.

  • Haskell Software Engineer at Bitnomial (Chicago,IL,US Remote) (ad)

    Bitnomial is looking for Haskell Software Engineers. Bitnomial is a US based, CFTC licensed and regulated bitcoin derivatives exchange, headquartered in Chicago. Bitnomial develops and operates exchange, clearing, and settlement infrastructure for physically settled bitcoin futures and options.

  • Senior Haskell Developer at wire.com (ad)

    We are making a secure, open-source messenger and video conferencing app. Our backend is one of the oldest commercial Haskell code bases around, but we are constantly modernizing it and have recently adopted libraries like servant and polysemy. Plus we’re really nice people! :) If you feel your seniority lies in Software development, but not in Haskell specifically, we’d still like to look at your application. We have an office in Berlin, but also many remote team members.

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Show & tell

  • unicode-data by Composewell Technologies

    On behalf of the maintainers team I’m happy to announce unicode-data-0.3.0. unicode-data provides Haskell APIs to efficiently access the latest Unicode character database. It is up to 5 times faster than base:Data.Char.

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