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Issue 308 2022-03-24

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • Isoxya 3.0 release: crawling and scraping on Kubernetes (ad)

    Isoxya 3.0 brings Kubernetes support to the next-generation web crawler. Arriving just a few weeks after Isoxya’s 5th birthday, Isoxya has been rearchitected extensively, supporting rapid prototyping and reliable scaling of crawler and scraper workloads, using the power of containers.

  • Algebraic Data Types in Haskell by Gints Dreimanis

    Most programming languages have a way to make compound data types. In Haskell, we can do that via algebraic data types.

  • Faking local instances with unsafeCoerce Dict by Finn Schneider

    When you first learned about Haskell’s Monoid typeclass, you were probably quite surprised to find out that there is no instance for Monoid Int in base.

  • Haskell Adventures: digging into the declarative approach by Dmitry Tsepelev

    This article is not going to teach you how to write Haskell. Instead, I’m going show my excitement by sharing a couple of cool code snippents; maybe it will convince you to give Haskell a shot.

  • LTS 19 release and Nightly on ghc-9.2 by Jens Petersen

    The Stackage team is very happy to announce the initial Stackage LTS version 19 snapshot release is now available, based on GHC version 9.0.2.

  • New large-records release: now with 100% fewer quotes by Edsko de Vries

    The large-records library provides support for large records in Haskell with much better compilation time performance than vanilla ghc does.


  • Haskell Developer at MLabs (ad)

    We are one of the leading Haskell consultancies in the fintech, blockchain and AI space, with a passion for Haskell and open source software. We are looking for a remote Haskeller to join our team. If you are excited about Haskell and are up for a new challenge, please apply here or visit our website! For any questions please email jobs@mlabs.city.

  • Haskell Software Engineer at Bitnomial (Chicago,IL,US Remote) (ad)

    Bitnomial is looking for Haskell Software Engineers. Bitnomial is a US based, CFTC licensed and regulated bitcoin derivatives exchange, headquartered in Chicago. Bitnomial develops and operates exchange, clearing, and settlement infrastructure for physically settled bitcoin futures and options.

  • Senior Software Engineer - Cloud at Sonatype (ad)

    At Sonatype, we empower developers and security professionals with intelligent tools to innovate more securely at scale. We are looking for Haskell engineers to join our growing SaaS application team. You will contribute to our Lift product, a Continuous Assurance Platform for software teams.

Trying to hire a Haskell developer? You should advertise with us!

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