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Issue 322 2022-06-30

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


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  • Deploying an IHP project to Fly.io by Nathan Jaremko

    Learning Haskell the conventional way can be difficult, so I’m going to recommend a different path, you can dive in head-first with the “Ruby on Rails” of Haskell: IHP.

  • GHC Activities report: April–May 2022 by Well-Typed

    This is the twelth edition of our GHC activities report, which describes the work on GHC and related projects that we are doing at Well-Typed.

  • Incremental Builds for Haskell with Bazel by Facundo Domínguez

    In this post we describe haskell_module, a new rule in rules_haskell, which allows to express the dependencies between modules.

  • GHC 9.4.1-alpha3 now available by Ben Gamari

    The GHC developers are happy to announce the availability of the thirdalpha release of the GHC 9.4 series.

  • Haskell in Production: Channable by Gints Dreimanis

    Our today’s guest is Fabian Thorand, who is a team lead at Channable. Read further to learn where Channable uses Haskell, why they chose it, and what they like and don’t like about it.

  • Using a 50-years old technique for solving modern issues by Dmirtrii Kovanikov

    The described technique uses the CPS transformation and Haskell layout parsing rules. It sounds scary but in its core it’s just a refactoring using Higher-Order Functions, no fancy features involved.


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In brief

  • Announcing safe-coloured-text with a quick primer on character encodings by Tom Sydney Kerckhove

    This post announces the new version of the safe-coloured-text library. The safe-coloured-text library lets you safely output coloured text to a terminal.

  • Catching Before Production: Assert Statements in Haskell by Monday Morning Haskell

    We’ve spent a lot of time this month going over exceptions, which are ways to signal within our program that something unexpected has happened. These will often result in an early termination for our program even if we catch them.

  • defaultable-map: An Applicative wrapper for Maps by Gabriella Gonzalez

    I’m announcing a small utility Haskell package I created that can wrap arbitrary Map-like types to provide Applicative and Alternative instances.

  • Episode 14: Ryan Trinkle by The Haskell Interlude

    Ryan Trinkle is interviewed by Joachim Breitner and Niki Vazou. Ryan Trinkle has co-founded Obsidian Systems, a company that not just uses Haskell but even more exotic tech that as Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) and Nix.

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