Haskell Weekly


Issue 332 2022-09-08

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • Dijkstra Comparison: Looking at the Library Function by Monday Morning Haskell

    Today, we’ll look at the API for a library implementation of this algorithm and compare it to the implementations I thought up.

  • Linear Combinations of Applicatives by Sonat Süer

    On a given type constructor of the appropriate kind, there is at most one Functor instance and it can be derived automatically. There is no analog of this for Applicatives.

  • More recursive definitions by Joachim Breitner

    Haskell is a pure and lazy programming language, and the laziness allows us to write some algorithms very elegantly, by recursively referring to already calculated values.

  • nix-serve-ng: A faster, more reliable, drop-in replacement for nix-serve by Gabriella Gonzalez

    Our team at Arista Networks is happy to announce nix-serve-ng, a backwards-compatible Haskell rewrite of nix-serve. It provides better reliability and performance than nix-serve.


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In brief

Show & tell

  • Horizon Haskell Platform by Dan Firth

    Nix-first build plans for GHC 9.4.2 and beyond.

  • Stack version release candidate by Mike Pilgrem

  • xmonad verison 0.17.1 by Tony Zorman

    About 10 months after the big release of 0.17.0, we — as promised — picked up the pace a bit and are back with a new minor version.

  • XStatic by Tristan de Cacqueray

    The goal of XStatic family of packages is to provide static file as Haskell library to be installed using cabal.

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