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Issue 333 2022-09-15

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • Build haddock documentation of a cabal project by Marcin Szamotulski

    I’ve been working on a new cabal command: haddock-project which allows to build cabal documentation of a cabal project which possibly consists of multiple packages.

  • Easy JSON in Haskell by Drew Olson

    This is the fun part of the post where I recommend using lenses within a section titled “The Easy Way”.

  • How to get started with Haskell in 2022 (the straightforward way) by Martin Sosic

    That is why I decided to write this opinionated and practical post that will tell you exactly how to get started with Haskell in 2022 in the most standard / common way.

  • Lockstep-style testing with quickcheck-dynamic by Edsko de Vries

    In this blog post we will take a look at this library, and how it relates to quickcheck-state-machine. We will focus on the state machine testing aspect; quickcheck-dynamic also has support for dynamic logic, but we will not discuss that here.

  • Monadology 0.1 by Ashley Yakeley

    Monadology is intended as a collection of the best ideas in monad-related classes and types, with a focus on correctness and elegance, and theoretical understanding, rather than practical performance.

  • The “Practical Haskell Bits” initiative by Dobromir Nikolov

    Practical Haskell Bits is an initiative to contain as many of these as possible and become the go-to place for real-world patterns, snippets and popular library examples.

  • rec-def: Program analysis case study by Joachim Breitner

    At this week’s International Conference on Functional Programming I showed my rec-def Haskell library to a few people. As this crowd appreciates writing compilers, and example from the realm of program analysis is quite compelling.


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In brief

  • Haskell parsing benchmarks by Finn Bender

    A simple benchmark comparing the performance of different parser implementations.

  • My New Favorite Monad? by Monday Morning Haskell

    In my last article, I introduced a more complicated example of a problem using Dijkstra’s algorithm and suggested MonadLogger as an approach to help debug some of the intricate helper functions.

Show & tell

  • Copilot version 3.11 by Ivan Perez

    Copilot is a runtime verification system implemented as a Haskell DSL that generates hard-realtime C99.

  • exon by Torsten Schmits

    This Haskell library provides string interpolation in quasiquotes. Each step of the process is customizable based on the result type of the quote, making it possible to construct strings for arbitrary types.

  • Flora.pm

    Flora.pm is a package index for the Haskell ecosystem. It indexes packages from Hackage and provides new features and improvements.

  • Haskell Language Server version by Pepe Iborra

    Just in time for the Haskell Symposium, HLS has been released.

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