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Issue 339 2022-10-27

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • Template metaprogramming in LLVM with Haskell by Luc Tielen

    In today’s article, I show how a single monad transformer can be used to gain template metaprogramming capabilities à la C++ when generating LLVM code in Haskell.

  • Help test XDG support in cabal-install by Troels Henriksen

    Cabal, or more precisely cabal-install which is mostly known to Haskellers as the cabal command line program, recently merged a pull request that makes cabal support the XDG Basedir Specification.

  • Internalized Guarded Recursion for Equational Reasoning by Gershom Bazerman

    I recently presented a paper on infinite traversals at the Haskell Symposium: A totally predictable outcome: an investigation of traversals of infinite structures.

  • Learn Monads by Refactor. A Challenge for Beginners by Luis Morillo Najarro

    I’d like to share a little repo/exercise I build to help new commers. It consists of building the snake game in Haskell. Nothing fancy: no ncurses or frontend, just spit out a bytestring to the console in the shape of a snake board.

  • Looking for a Needle that Might Not Be in an Infinite Haystack by Daniel Brice

    Hand-wavy explanations of my lightning talk of the same title at Mercury’s October 2022 PDX Haskell meetup. Based on “Infinite sets that admit fast exhaustive search” by Martín Escardó.

  • A nub in the haystack by Torsten Schmits

    This article is an account of my journey into the unknown, describing my approach at setting up the development environment for GHC, and following the obscure clues to identify and eliminate the root cause of this issue.

  • What does “isomorphic” mean (in Haskell)? by Gabriella Gonzalez

    Sometimes you’ll hear someone describe two things as being “isomorphic” to one another and I wanted to explain what that means.


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In brief

  • Episode 17: Ningning Xie by The Haskell Interlude

    Ningning Xie is interviewed by Niki Vazou and Andres Loh. Ningning first contributed to GHC at her Google summer of code project with a very ambitious goal of implementing the whole dependent Haskell.

  • Haskell Foundation DevOps Weekly Update, 2022-10-26 by Brian Richter

    In the last week, I have seen positive results of my CI improvements and made progress on some GitLab service migrations.

  • Haskell Revitalisation by Dmitrii Kovanikov

    I’m offering paid consultancy services for improving the maintainability, sustainability and code quality of your Haskell packages.

  • Polymer Expansion by Monday Morning Haskell

    Today we’re back with another Advent of Code walkthrough. We’re doing the problem from Day 14 of last year.

Show & tell

  • IHP 1.0 by Marc Scholten

    Two years after the first public release of IHP I’m very happy and proud to announce the release of version 1.0!

Call for participation