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Issue 343 2022-11-24

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • 2022 State of Haskell Survey Results by Taylor Fausak

    The sixth annual State of Haskell Survey closed this week. This post summarizes the results and makes the raw data available.

  • LTS 20 release for ghc-9.2 and Nightly now on ghc-9.4 by Jens Petersen

    The Stackage team is very happy to announce the first Stackage LTS version 20 snapshot has been released this week, based on GHC stable version 9.2.5.

  • WebAssembly backend merged into GHC by Cheng Shao

    Tweag has been working on a GHC WebAssembly backend for some time. Recently, the WebAssembly backend merge request has landed in GHC, and is on course to appear in the upcoming 9.6 release series.


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  • dr-cabal version by Dmitrii Kovanikov

    I’m happy to announce the new version of dr-cabal — a Haskell dependencies build time profiler!

  • get-tested by Théophile Choutri

    Hi everyone, get-tested is a CLI tool that reads your cabal file and takes the tested-with stanza to generate a build matrix for GitHub Actions.

  • Stack version 2.9.3 release candidate by Mike Pilgrem

    Please test it and let us know at the Stack repository if you run into any trouble. If all goes well, we hope to release the final version in a couple of weeks.

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