Haskell Weekly


Issue 350 2023-01-12

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • A dancing space leak by Tom Sydney Kerckhove

    This is the story of a space leak in the Social Dance Today server and how we fixed it.

  • Deriving Simple Recursive Functions by Jack Kelly

    I used to teach Haskell to first-year university students, and many of them struggled to write their first recursive functions.

  • Haskell at work by Marco Perone

    In this post I’d like to summarise what Tweag is doing in this space. In particular, there are three projects we are working on to help make Haskell adoption and usage a little bit simpler and more straightforward.

  • Linking Smaller Haskell Binaries by Brandon Simmons

    Haskell binaries can get quite large (think ~100MB), especially for projects with many transitive dependencies. Here are two strategies that can help at link time, the latter being more experimental.

  • New Hackage Server Features

    Updating to announce a whole bunch of new features in the latest redeploy, with a few yet to come.

  • One Step Beyond by Jean-Hugues de Raigniac

    The problem is not “should I use an effect library?” but “how do I compare the pros and cons of these libraries to find the one fitting my project and my team skills?”

  • Parallel streaming in Haskell: Part 2 - Optimized parallel aggregations by Channable

    This is part 2 in our series about the parallel streaming evaluator that we use at Channable, where we use Haskell with the Conduit library to produce both result values and parallel work units in a single stream.

  • Property-based testing stateful systems: a tutorial by Stevan Andjelkovic

    Given this it’s perhaps a bit surprising that there are relatively few resources about applying PBT to stateful systems. This repository is an attempt to close that gap and try to make PBT stateful systems more common.


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  • Haskell Engineer at Artificial

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In brief

Show & tell

  • Copilot version 3.13 by Ivan Perez

    Copilot is a stream-based DSL for writing and monitoring embedded C programs, with an emphasis on correctness and hard realtime requirements.

  • ldtk-types by Sandy Maguire

    I decided I wanted to use the fantastic LDtk editor to design levels for my entry, but was horrified to see that there didn’t already exist bindings.

  • monadic-bang by Jakob Brünker

    A plugin for GHC which takes expressions prefixed with a ! and effectively takes them out of their monadic context, by creating bind statements in the do-block surrounding the expression.

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