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Issue 354 2023-02-09

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • Adopting Haskell into an Existing Codebase by The FOSSA Podcast

    In this episode, we’ll explain why we adopted Haskell, characteristics of the language, and pros and cons for teams considering it.

  • Fault-injection by Stevan Andjelkovic

    So in this part we will have a look at how we can inject faults in order to try to get a better coverage in this area.

  • GHC 9.6 Migration Guide by Ben Gamari

    Today we are happy to share the migration guide for GHC 9.6. Our hope is that this guide serves as a useful resource for those porting their projects to GHC 9.6.

  • Haskell is not category theory by Pema Malling

    There is some truth to this, but I think it is more accurate to say that certain abstractions in Haskell are inspired by category theory.

  • Haskell Tiny Game Jam! by Simon Michael

    The first Haskell Tiny Game Jam is now open! All welcome! Your mission: make Haskell games in 10 lines.

  • Logging with class by Magnus Therning

    This post wraps up this particular topic for now with a couple of typeclasses, a default implementation, and an example showing how I use them.

  • Mac Notarization (and GHC) by Bryan Richter

    I spent a month looking into notarizing GHC for Macs. Although GHC still won’t be notarized for 9.6 — more on that later — I did learn a lot about it, and I’d like to share that knowledge for posterity.


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In brief

Show & tell

  • ghc-syntax-highlighter-themed by Brandon Chinn

    I just learned about ghc-syntax-highlighter and thought it’d be cool to render HTML compatible with any theme provided by highlight.js or Prism.

  • IHP version 1.0.1 by Marc Scholten

    A new IHP release, containing mostly bug fixes and small improvements to existing features.

  • lawful-classes by Nicolas Trangez

    Luckily, we can get pretty far with pure base types and functions, which is what the lawful-classes packages bring: a way to define laws using nothing but base, and then validate instances against such sets of laws using Hedgehog or QuickCheck in a Tasty environment.

  • nng by Ricardo Catalinas Jiménez

    I put together quickly a binding to the NNG library, it’s simply a fork of the existing binding to Nanomsg updated to work with NNG using the “compatible API” plus some bug fixes.

  • Yampa version 0.14.1 by Ivan Perez

    This is probably the largest release to the Yampa project in a decade: The unit tests for all of Yampa’s public API are now complete.

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