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Issue 391 2023-10-26

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • Diverk: a Reflex app to browse GitHub repos by jecaro

    That’s a super simple app that allows you to browse and search in the default branch of a GitHub repo. It can render markdown files. I’m a big note taker and all the notes I take live in a private git repo in this format. That was an additional motivation for me to do this project.

  • More traversals and more Cabal SAT by Oleg Grenrus

    In the previous post I discussed using traversals for batch operations. I forgot to mention any libraries which actually do this. They are kind of hard to find, as often the Traversable usage comes up very naturally.

  • Reason Isomorphically! by Ralf Hinze, Daniel W. H. James

    When are two types the same? In this paper we argue that isomorphism is a more useful notion than equality.

  • Sovereign Tech Fund invests in Cabal as critical Haskell infrastructure by Well-Typed

    We are delighted to announce that the Sovereign Tech Fund is investing in the development and maintenance of Cabal, the Haskell build system, following a proposal Well-Typed submitted to the “Improve FOSS Developer Tooling” challenge.

  • SQLiteDAV - A WebDAV Server for SQLite Databases by Adrian Sieber

    SQLiteDAV allows you to access your SQLite databases over the WebDAV protocol by mapping tables, rows, and columns to files and folders.

  • The Haskell Unfolder Episode 13: open recursion by Andres Löh, Edsko de Vries

    Open recursion is a technique for defining objects in Haskell whose behaviour can be adjusted after they have been defined. It can be used to do some form of object-oriented programming in Haskell, and is also an interesting technique in its own right.


  • Haskell Tech Lead (fully remote) by Serokell

    We’re seeking an experienced Software Engineer to supervise a team of software engineers. Our work is not limited to Haskell development, so you’ll also be involved in overseeing other exciting areas such as research, frontend, and packaging.

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  • DevOps Weekly Log, 2023-10-29 by Bryan Richter

    The short version is that I am working on migrating Stackage to Haskell Foundation maintainership. I’ve started with the Stackage builder, which tests that everything in a snapshot can be built together, and then I’ll move on to other pieces like Stackage.org and the public casa server.

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