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Issue 403 2024-01-18

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • Advent of Code 2023 review by Dr Neil Smith

    Yet again, I’ve solved all 25 days of AoC in Haskell and written up my comments on my blog.

  • A Haskell checklist. For starting off, rebooting, or just freshening up by Tony Day

    A completely revamped Haskell [C]hecklist has been published, including a quick-start guide. Hope you find it useful!

  • Episode 41 – Moritz Angermann by The Haskell Interlude

    Today, Matthías and Joachim are interviewing Moritz Angermann. Moritz knew he wanted to use Haskell before he knew Haskell, fixed cross-compilation as his first GHC contribution. We’ll talk more about cross-compilation to Windows and mobile platforms, why Template Haskell is the cause of most headaches, why you should be careful if your sister calls and tells you to cabal install a package, and finally how we can reduce the fear of new GHC releases, by improving stability.

  • Functional Programming vs. Object Oriented Programming by Monday Morning Haskell

    Functional Programming (FP) and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) are the two most important programming paradigms in use today. In this article, we’ll discuss these two different programming paradigms and compare their key differences, strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also highlight a few specific ways Haskell fits into this discussion.

  • Haskell Security Response Team - 2023 July–December report by Fraser Tweedale

    The Haskell Security Response Team (SRT) is a volunteer organization within the Haskell Foundation that is building tools and processes to aid the entire Haskell ecosystem in assessing and responding to security risks. In particular, we maintain a database of security advisories that can serve as a data source for security tooling. This report details the SRT activities from July to December 2023. The SRT is supposed to report quarterly, but we missed giving a Q3 report. We’ll try not to let that happen again.

  • Have You Tried These Popular Haskell Programs? (You Should!) by DistroTube

    Do you have any Haskell programs installed on your computer? I ask this because I hear so many people, especially in the Linux community, say that they do not have any Haskell installed on their computer. And they say they don’t want any Haskell programs on their computer…

  • The Haskell Unfolder Episode 18: computing constraints by Andres Löh, Edsko de Vries

    Sometimes, for example when working with type-level lists, you have to compute with constraints. For example, you might want to say that a constraint holds for all types in a type-level list. In this episode, we will explore this special case of type-level programming in Haskell. We will also revisit type class aliases and take a closer look at exactly how and why they work.


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  • DevOps Weekly Log, 2024-01-10 by Bryan Richter

    I’m continuing to do devops for the Stackage migration. I’m in Phase 3 now, which is the data migration. As mentioned last time, there are Haddocks for nearly every package in every Stackage snapshot in existence living in a bucket, and I need to move that data into a new location.

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