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Issue 405 2024-02-01

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


  • A Sneak Peek at our Haskell Training Course by Stack Builders

    Our Haskell training course is a unique part of working as an engineer in Stack Builders. It helps to build our community and helps engineers see problems in new ways, regardless of whether they’re working on Haskell projects, or in languages. We hope that this high-level overview helps you to find the motivation to learn Haskell.

  • Episode 42 – Jezen Thomas by The Haskell Interlude

    Jezen Thomas is co-founder and CTO of Supercede, a company applying Haskell in the reinsurance industry. In this episode, Jezen, Wouter and Joachim talk about his experience using Haskell in industry, growing a diverse and remote team of developers, and starting a company to create your own Haskell job.

  • Eras profiling for GHC by Matthew Pickering, Zubin Duggal

    Eras profiling is a new GHC profiling mode that will be available in GHC 9.10. For each closure it records the “era” during which it was allocated, thereby making it possible to analyse the points at which closures are allocated much more precisely.

  • GHC Steering Committee Call for Nominations 2024 by Adam Gundry

    The committee scrutinizes, debates and eventually decides to accept or reject proposals to change the language or major features supported by GHC. Our processes are described in the GitHub repository where proposals are submitted. In particular, please have a look at the committee bylaws.

  • The Haskell Unfolder Episode 19: a new perspective on foldl’ by Andres Löh, Edsko de Vries

    In this beginner-oriented episode we introduce a useful combinator called repeatedly, which captures the concept “repeatedly execute an action to a bunch of arguments.” We will discuss both how to implement this combinator as well as some use cases.


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  • DevOps Weekly Log, 2024-01-31 by Bryan Richter

    The last week had some variety due to competing deadlines and emergent issues. In terms of issues, I had three different things to deal with. First, I wrapped up my recent work with mitigating spurious failures in GHC CI, which had gotten unbearable lately.

  • Dockerfile for WebAssembly Backend by John Hope

    This creates a larger image (about 1GB) but I might be able to optimize it further. It exposes wasm32-wasi-ghc and wasm32-wasi-cabal, which can be used to build projects with the target being a wasm module.

  • I would like to share a compiler I am building for fun that uses ANF/monadic form as an intermediate language by manifold93

    I’m building a compiler to pass the time and it uses ANF/monadic normal form as an intermediate language. So far it can compile if True then print(2); else print(3);; to correct assembly that gets run with gcc.

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