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Issue 426 2024-06-27

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Welcome to another issue of Haskell Weekly! Haskell is a safe, purely functional programming language with a fast, concurrent runtime. This is a weekly summary of what’s going on in its community.


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  • Competitive Programming in Haskell: sieving with mutable arrays by Brent Yorgey

    This is one of those cases where for efficiency’s sake, we actually want to use an honest-to-goodness mutable array. Immutable arrays are not a good fit for sieving, and using something like a Map would introduce a lot of overhead that we would rather avoid. However, we only need the table to be mutable while we are computing it; after that, it should just be an immutable lookup table.

  • hashable arch native by Oleg Grenrus

    It feels that the end of compilation pipeline - the assembly generation - isn’t getting as much attention as it could. Sure, these improvements would only decrease run times constant factors only. On the other hand, if we could get 2-3% improvements in hot loops without source code changes, why not get these?

  • Haskell Certification Program by José Manuel Calderón Trilla

    Serokell and the Haskell Foundation are excited to announce a community-led Haskell Certification program. Serokell has developed an online testing platform for administering practical and theoretical Haskell problems. Haskell is a complex language, offering a wide range of techniques and features for programmers. It’s simply not feasible for a novice or intermediate programmer to master them all. The goal of the Haskell certification is to help standardize what it means to ‘know Haskell’ at various levels of experience.

  • Mastering QuickCheck: Advanced yet Practical Techniques for Property-Based Testing by Koz Ross

    In this article, we aim to explore the powerful capabilities of QuickCheck and demonstrate how to leverage them effectively in real-world projects.

  • ORM in Haskell | Beam Library Tutorial: Database Management Made Easy by Purely Haskell

    Discover the power of the Beam library for database management in Haskell! In this comprehensive tutorial, we dive deep into Beam, a type-safe and feature-rich library for working with databases in Haskell. Follow along as we explore its capabilities through practical examples, demonstrating how to set up and interact with databases efficiently.

  • ZuriHac 2024 Videos Online by Farhad Mehta

    It was great to see you at ZuriHac 2024. In case you couldn’t attend, or would like to relive the magic, the recordings from the event are now online.


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